It really depends upon what features are more important to you.

Feature QuickBooks Desktop QuickBooks Online

Pro Version Costs $209.97 for three years*



Online Essentials Costs $13.47 per month.*  Never needs updating. ($161.64 per year, $484.92 for 3 years)


Speed On your computer, not online so it is Quick and Responsive .  Can only be used online with extra cost and software. Online Only – but can be slow to use without a fast internet connection.  Must always be online to use.
Forms Invoices and Forms extremely customizable. Use multiple templates. (for example, I run two different product lines from my company and have a different invoice templates for each product – I cannot do this in the online version). Invoices and Forms limited customization. Use only one template.

Automatic Downloads

Banking Downloads must be clicked on to start


Banking Downloads are automatic
Backups Backups can be automatic, but must be set up and checked on occasionally Automatically backed up
Multiple Companies Run multiple companies with no additional cost. Addition subscription required for each new company.
Phone Support Online Community and Support Site always available.  Phone support free for 30 days after activation. ** Online Community and Support Site always available.  Phone Support included. **

*Must be purchased through an Intuit ProAdvisor for this 20% discount on Desktop versions and 50% discount on Online Versions.

**I find QuickBooks phone support pretty useless.  If you can’t find the answer on their support site, call me.