In the early days, QuickBooks Online was only suitable for the simple bookkeeping customer. Anyone with complicated business bookkeeping needs or inventory had to use QuickBooks Desktop (QBD). Well, things have sure changed since then. Intuit has put all its resources into improving QBO and its customer support.

Keep in mind that there are still some things QBD still does better. It is only possible with Enterprise with Advanced Inventory to track serial numbers and use FIFO. Companies that need highly customized form templates will need to stick with QBD until QBO makes their templates as flexible as the QBD ones. The interesting part about QBO is that it is constantly adapting to its users needs and suggestions. I expect one day soon that it will be as powerful a tool as QBD, and even better for some of the reasons I’m about to tell you.

Now QBO Plus can do all but the most complex inventory. It has custom fields galore and classes (categories). It comes with multi user (no server to set up or cloud hosting to buy). It automatically updates itself. It automatically uploads your banking info every day (no manual uploads or falling behind). You can instantly chat with help, and their phone support is US based. There are many advantages to moving to QuickBooks online, and QuickBooks Guru Consulting can help you make the switch and provide pricing that is around 50% off retail.