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QuickBooks keyboard short-cuts

People like me, who grew up using the keyboard and control key instead of the mouse will really appreciate these tips. Of course all of these shortcuts are available in the menus as well.

Control + M = brings up the Memorize Transaction option
Control + Delete = Delete the selected line in a transaction
Control + Ins = Insert a blank detail line in a transaction
Control + N = Create a new transaction or list item
Control + D = Delete the current transaction or list item. Please note that you cannot reverse this once done, usually
Control + E = Edit an item in an item list, or in a register

In a date fields:
+ (plus key) Advance to the next day
– (minus key) Previous day
T Today
W First day of the Week
K Last day of the weeK
M First day of the Month
H Last day of the montH
Y First day of the Year
R Last day of the yearR

Was your payroll accepted?

You should always check the next day to ensure that your payroll wasn’t rejected.   Go to the Payroll Center, and left of where it says “Start Scheduled Payroll” click the “Related Payroll Activities” button, then in the drop down menu choose “Send Payroll Data”.  This will take you to the window where you usually submit the payroll each week.  In a section near the bottom of this window is a list of Confirmation Reports that are available for viewing and printing.  If you got a confirmation report for yesterday’s payroll, it would also be listed here.

Amy Bergey the QuickBooks Guru

Hi, I’m Amy Bergey and some of my clients call me the QuickBooks Guru. I have been working with Computer Accounting professionally for over 30 years. I provide QuickBooks, Xero, Microsoft Office training, and software consulting for small business.

As President of Go-Green-Bookkeeping, I offer affordable payroll services, along with monthly, quarterly, or daily completely remote bookkeeping services. Remote bookkeeping automatically and accurately records day to day banking transactions, giving you more time to focus on the things you do best.

I got my start growing up as the daughter of Michael Block CPA, who owned a computer store back when many businesses still didn’t have computers, let alone bookkeeping systems. He is a nationally recognized QuickBooks Expert. Working with him, and then on my own for the last 28 years, I have been able to help many small businesses set up and maintain easy to use accounting systems and to train their staff. I help companies who have fallen behind or made mistakes to catch up and clean up their books and get back on track. My goal is to maximize profits for my customers through the use of effective accounting practices and regular reporting.

•QuickBooks/Xero/Microsoft Private Lessons and Seminars taught by a Certified Professional
•Review and Clean-up of Company files in QuickBooks or other Accounting Software
•New Business Set-up / Incorporations / Sub-S Elections / EIN Applications
•Data transfer from one software to another
•Remote Bookkeeping Services
•Accounting and POS Systems: Recommendations, Installations, Integration, and Hardware

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