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QuickBooks Online is Almost Ready for Everyone

In the early days, QuickBooks Online was only suitable for the simple bookkeeping customer. Anyone with complicated business bookkeeping needs or inventory had to use QuickBooks Desktop (QBD). Well, things have sure changed since then. Intuit has put all its resources into improving QBO and its customer support.

Keep in mind that there are still some things QBD still does better. It is only possible with Enterprise with Advanced Inventory to track serial numbers and use FIFO. Companies that need highly customized form templates will need to stick with QBD until QBO makes their templates as flexible as the QBD ones. The interesting part about QBO is that it is constantly adapting to its users needs and suggestions. I expect one day soon that it will be as powerful a tool as QBD, and even better for some of the reasons I’m about to tell you.

Now QBO Plus can do all but the most complex inventory. It has custom fields galore and classes (categories). It comes with multi user (no server to set up or cloud hosting to buy). It automatically updates itself. It automatically uploads your banking info every day (no manual uploads or falling behind). You can instantly chat with help, and their phone support is US based. There are many advantages to moving to QuickBooks online, and QuickBooks Guru Consulting can help you make the switch and provide pricing that is around 50% off retail.

QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop… Which do you choose?

It really depends upon what features are more important to you.

Feature QuickBooks Desktop QuickBooks Online

Pro Version Costs $209.97 for three years*



Online Essentials Costs $13.47 per month.*  Never needs updating. ($161.64 per year, $484.92 for 3 years)


Speed On your computer, not online so it is Quick and Responsive .  Can only be used online with extra cost and software. Online Only – but can be slow to use without a fast internet connection.  Must always be online to use.
Forms Invoices and Forms extremely customizable. Use multiple templates. (for example, I run two different product lines from my company and have a different invoice templates for each product – I cannot do this in the online version). Invoices and Forms limited customization. Use only one template.

Automatic Downloads

Banking Downloads must be clicked on to start


Banking Downloads are automatic
Backups Backups can be automatic, but must be set up and checked on occasionally Automatically backed up
Multiple Companies Run multiple companies with no additional cost. Addition subscription required for each new company.
Phone Support Online Community and Support Site always available.  Phone support free for 30 days after activation. ** Online Community and Support Site always available.  Phone Support included. **

*Must be purchased through an Intuit ProAdvisor for this 20% discount on Desktop versions and 50% discount on Online Versions.

**I find QuickBooks phone support pretty useless.  If you can’t find the answer on their support site, call me.

New Horizons in Teaching QuickBooks

Amy Bergey , the original QuickBooks Guru, is honored to have been contracted by the Suwanee County Extension Service in Live Oak, Florida to teach a class in QuickBooks to women agricultural entrepreneurs.  The class will be held as a part of “Annie’s Project” on May 22nd, 2015 .  If you are interested in attending, please contact the Suwanee County Extension Service at (386) 362-2771.

To learn more about Annie’s Project, see their Facebook page at

Paying the bills

Remote Bookkeeping Services

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Amy Bergey the QuickBooks Guru

QuickBooks keyboard short-cuts

People like me, who grew up using the keyboard and control key instead of the mouse will really appreciate these tips. Of course all of these shortcuts are available in the menus as well.

Control + M = brings up the Memorize Transaction option
Control + Delete = Delete the selected line in a transaction
Control + Ins = Insert a blank detail line in a transaction
Control + N = Create a new transaction or list item
Control + D = Delete the current transaction or list item. Please note that you cannot reverse this once done, usually
Control + E = Edit an item in an item list, or in a register

In a date fields:
+ (plus key) Advance to the next day
– (minus key) Previous day
T Today
W First day of the Week
K Last day of the weeK
M First day of the Month
H Last day of the montH
Y First day of the Year
R Last day of the yearR

Support Ended for Windows XP

On April 08, 2014, Microsoft support for Windows XP ended. Windows XP is a 12 year old operating system. There will be no more security updates or technical support for windows XP and on the same day support for Office 2003 also ended. It is important that we upgrade our operating system to a modern version, such as Windows 7 or 8.

If you are still using windows XP, it will leave your computers vulnerable to hackers, viruses, and other security risks, because Microsoft will no longer be providing technical assistance and critical updates for users of Windows XP. It is strongly recommended that users upgrade to a new version of Windows in order to benefit from enhanced security, broad mobile device choices, and higher user productivity.